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Investment Fund

LonaRock Capital Group, LLC is a boutique investment firm.  The firm invests in public markets and manages the investment fund using a long/short equity strategy.  Long term investments are selected using a disciplined value-oriented approach. The hedge fund’s strategy and holdings will actively change based on where we are in the economic cycle. LonaRock Capital Group is headquartered in Northeastern Ohio. 


LonaRock Capital Group’s investment fund is best suited for clients with $5 million or more in investable assets.  Investors that meet the “Qualified Client” standard and institutional investors may contact us here.  Nothing on this page and/or website should be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell a security, product or investment strategy to any person. The fund is an alternative investment open to qualified investors by invitation only.



The LonaRock Report is a weekly macroeconomic overview delivered to your inbox every Sunday. We offer an unbiased perspective of the current economic landscape in an easy to read format. This newsletter provides independent economic analysis and commentary with a special emphasis on United States equity markets, the credit markets, monetary policy and political considerations.

Although The LonaRock Report is forward-looking, it will also provide a recap of the most important events from the past week. We use historical data and leading indicators to form our economic outlook.

Our research and analysis is used by hedge funds, financial advisors, retail investors, business owners, executives and family offices. This allows you to focus on your investment portfolio and business development while managing risks and anticipating market moves.


LonaRock Report


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