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About Us


LonaRock, LLC is a boutique firm specializing in debt finance consulting, risk management, and macroeconomic research.  While risk management plays an important role in everything we do, our primary services are providing strategic business planning, business debt solutions, and macroeconomic research publications.

Our strategic business planning and business debt solutions help clients to access capital and reach their long-term financial goals and objectives. Our services benefit clients ranging from start-ups and emerging market companies to middle market companies.

Our macroeconomic research empowers investors and business owners by focusing on the most important macroeconomic trends within the economy as a whole and within specific industries.

The LonaRock Report is a newsletter publication that provides a macroeconomic overview delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis when you join our email list. We offer an unbiased perspective of the current economic landscape in an easy to read format. 

This newsletter provides independent economic analysis and commentary with a special emphasis on United States equity markets, the credit markets, monetary policy and political considerations. Although The LonaRock Report is forward-looking, it also provides a recap of the most important events over the past month. We use historical data and leading indicators to form our economic outlook. Our research and analysis is used by hedge funds, financial advisors, retail investors, business owners, executives and family offices. 

LonaRock Capital Group, LLC is a boutique investment firm.  The firm invests in public markets and manages the investment fund using a long/short equity strategy.  The fund is an alternative investment open to qualified investors by invitation only.


Rachel Shepard

Rachel Shepard is the Founder and CEO of LonaRock, LLC and LonaRock Capital Group, LLC. 

At LonaRock, LLC, Rachel’s mission is to empower investors, executives and business owners by providing strategic business planning, business debt solutions, and macroeconomic research.  Rachel has an ability to spot important economic trends and potential systematic risk.

At LonaRock Capital Group, LLC, Rachel has merged fundamental analysis with technical analysis in order to obtain the highest returns for her clients while managing risks and maintaining a reasonable margin of safety.

Prior to LonaRock, Rachel spent 17 years in the banking industry.  She worked in various lines of business including Commercial Banking, IRE, Private Banking and Small Business.  She held various roles such as Portfolio Manager, Relationship Manager, VP of Loan Review and most recently held the role of Regional Underwriting Manager.  Her work focused on credit underwriting, risk management and deal structuring.

Rachel holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Akron and an Executive MBA from Kent State University.  She currently resides in Northeastern Ohio with her husband and her two children.