What are fractional CFO services and how does this benefit my business?

LonaRock’s Fractional CFO services focus on the future via strategic business planning, financial forecasts, and budgeting.

Fractional CFO services are usually provided on a part-time basis or via a contract arrangement.

A Fractional CFO may be hired on a project basis to help the business achieve a specific goal or overcome a financial challenge. 

Many of our clients are already successful but they are looking to accelerate growth via new products, services, and markets or through acquisition. They may also have a desire in increase the value of the company or increase profitability.

Throughout the business lifecycle it is common for a company to face financial challenges. We can help you overcome the following challenges:

  • A lack of capital
  • Cash flow problems
  • Low Credit Scores
  • Low Margins
  • Stagnant and declining productivity

There are times that significant revenue growth can be a challenge if a company doesn’t have the capital to support the growth. We help businesses overcome these challenges.

We set new companies up for success by selecting and implementing accounting software. We also help them create an initial business plan and/or a pitch deck to present to investors and banks.

We work with you to increase profitability, accelerate growth, raise capital, and optimize cash flow.  We do this by creating a strategic business plan and developing an individualized financial roadmap. 

We hold our clients accountable and hold monthly coaching sessions! As mentioned previously, we are focused on the future, but we also seek to understand the past in order to correct the ship, learn, and grow.

At LonaRock, we partner with bookkeepers and CPAs to help the client achieve their financial goals.  We offer CFO services on a project basis or via a contract arrangement which may be extended for a small monthly retainer. 

A monthly retainer guarantees that we will provide a certain number of hours each month dedicated to reviewing your historical financials and comparing it to the established budget/forecast.  We will also discuss your financial goals, KPIs, and pivot when necessary. 

To learn more about LonaRock, LLC and our Fractional CFO services, please contact us directly at info@lonarock.com or call us at 234-217-9033.  We look forward to helping you reach your financial goals.